Your ideas

The key to creating successful design lies in understanding what you –the client– want to do. Maybe you are not completely sure what you would like to change and where to start. Through conversations we can develop ideas together that will help us solve the underlying issues and steer the design in the right direction from the beginning.

Design with an attitude

Humans are unique and often quirky. Why should visual communication be any less original than the humans it represents? Design should have an attitude.

Typography and lettering are obsessions for me. Early teachers installed in me the Bauhaus philosophy of “form follows function” and “legibility, above all else”. Coming from a Graffiti-background that was hard to accept at times. Later mentors showed me how to focus on originality and expression by deforming letters and drawing them by hand. Some rules have to be broken now and then.

Finding the right balance between these two ways of thinking to me is the challenge and the whole point. There are no simple, dogmatic one-fits-all solutions. Each project has its unique audience and goals. Finding the right visual language for each project is my main motivation because I believe this uniqueness is precisely what makes you stand out to the right people even in a crowded space.


Establishing the symptoms
Research and investigation
• Prescription of solution
• Application of concepts
• Finalisation

Craftsmanship and a signature visual language are important to me. Experimentation with analogue- and digital tools is a key part of my process, for finding ideas and quickly trying concepts.

Living & Moving

So far I’ve lived in Switzerland, the USA, Germany, France and Spain. Working and making art in different countries has taught me different approaches to creativity. Everywhere I met great people who let me learn a few tricks from them. This has shaped my process and way of thinking. My current home is sunny Barcelona.

Mini CV

2011 – Present Independent studio for Lettering & Illustration
2012 Laus Bronze Award – OCB playful website (at Inocuo The Sign)
2011 Adobe Design Achievement Award Semifinalist
2010 – 2011 Diestro, Junior Art Director
2010 – 2011 Inocuo The Sign, Junior Art Director
2009 – 2010 IDEP Barcelona, Postgraduate Illustration
2008 IAV Orléans, Illustration & Visual Communication
2007 – 2008 Designerdeutsch, Berlin, Intern Art Direction
2007 – 2008 20First, Berlin, Intern Art Direction
2005 – 2009 HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, B.A. Visual Communication
2004 – 2005 Schliesske Agency, Munich, Intern Art Direction
1985 Born in Basel, Switzerland

Brands & Studios

A selection of the studios, agencies and brands I’ve been fortunate to work with over the years.



I’m a member of Manymal. We’re a collective of creatives with different areas of expertise based in Munich and Barcelona. This has various potential advantages for you, the client.

If a project grows we can easily scale the team.

By combining each members’ individual skillset and experience we can build the most efficient team around each project.

Once you’ve established a relationship of trust with one of us this person can help you organise the next design challenge in collaboration with other members of the collective.

Due to our constellation we combine the strength of an agency with the flexibility and versatility of the collective.

Individually we each stay true to our area of expertise in order to only offer you high quality solutions.

Together we cover a wide span of creative skills. If we cannot offer you a specific service we will tell you honestly and then try and direct you to someone we can recommend.

Get more information on the Manymal collective here


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