custom lettering & illustration
There are two main fields in my work – typography and illustration. Ever since graffiti found me when i was a kid I've been obsessed with the process of drawing letters, bending them and playing with their legibility and style. The line between imagery and words fascinates me – when does a word become an image for the viewer rather than a series of symbols that form a code? Playing with Letters and stretching the boundaries of legibility was what led me into graphic design and illustration. And when I think about it, much of my motivation still goes back to those days of studying the walls along the trainlines and days spent sketching out pieces with friends. 
ideas and process
Craftsmanship and a signature visual language are important to me. My creative process involves experimentation with analog- and digital tools. I use ink, markers, brushes and   calligraphy nibs – some of which are real gems from my grandfathers collection. I also love my Wacom setup and recently I've started using the Ipad Pro & Pencil a lot. Procreate app is rad – for you fellow illustrators out there, you should try it!
Learning and practicing different skills, searching out types of media – the new as well as the old – is a key element of my creative process. Experimentation creates room for happy mistakes and often that can lead to new ideas. So I like to be on the lookout and collect material and ideas – similar to how a DJ keeps digging the crates.
Based in sunny Barcelona, I create most of my work from my studio space. Sometimes projects let me travel and work with people somewhere else in the world. In general I find changing the scenery very refreshing – I usually take a sketchbook and a couple of markers where I go – just in case.