Fabulous Realism

In 2020, there’s an unprecedented amount of free information available. Paradoxically, though we all have easy access to ideas, there’s also such rampant manipulation and fabrication that it becomes hard to find valuable content. The result is a lack of attention, fatigue and an increasing pull towards nostalgia, mysticism, and totalitarian ideologies. Add a global pandemic to this, forcing us to take much of our lives into the digital space, and we’re left asking ourselves what is true and what is fabrication? In a world with deep fakes how do you distinguish the real?

Fabulous realism opens a door to a world of characters that never existed. Each serves as a metaphorical figure that helps us explain characteristics of real life. We all know these personalities and you could say that parts of them exist in each of us.

Dancing Lines

Translating the idea of a fable visually is a process of spontaneously creating organic shapes by drawing a meandering series of strokes, symbols and lines until these textures shape the image. Each piece is driven by improvisation and each line is drawn as a statement.


The inspiration is in alphabets, icons, hieroglyphs and the creativity they show. From cave paintings to ancient Chinese engravings, to the inventors of Cholo style in California, from New Yorker graffiti pioneers in the 70’s to creators around the world today – as humans we love talking to each other through visual codes.

brush letttering s

Crafting a signature visual language is important to me. The experimentation with analogue- and digital tools is a key part of the process.


When people ask where I’m from I never know what to say. In many ways I believe it’s more about where you’re at and the people in your circle. Born and partly raised in Switzerland, I’ve also lived in the USA, Germany, France and Spain. Living and making art in different countries has taught me different approaches to creativity. Along the way, I met many people who generously shared their ideas with me. The experience shaped my attitude to creativity and towards life. Since 2010, I’ve been living and working in Barcelona.


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Lucas Stolz | Pi i Margall 106 | 08025 Barcelona

I’m a Manymal. We’re not a company; we’re not your typical agency… so what the heck are we?

As a creative collective with the combined energy and range of a full service provider we manage to stay flexible and versatile by keeping the team as small as possible. We are a group of specialists in different creative disciplines (Creative Direction, Camera, Production, Illustration, Branding, Motiongraphics, Audiodesign) and we enjoy joining forces and realising bold ideas together.

How does it work?
You simply hire one of us and let us organise the rest. Your Manymal partner builds a team according to the specific demands of the project at hand. You get direct access to the makers and thinkers,  avoiding middle-men. Together, we create solutions that fit the vision of your brand precisely. We believe in Manymalism because it is fast, simple and it leads to happy clients.

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