In our imagination

The stories we tell ourselves about an artwork are what make it meaningful. Atramento is the backdrop to all the work you see on this page. It is a parallel reality where everything is a little different. Step in through the thick vegetation of brush strokes and suddenly a fable character stares at you from the shadows. As you walk on, a word grows out of a branch and takes the stage. You may lose your orientation among the calligraphic abstractions as you dive into layers of dripping ink, while the scene keeps changing, again and again. The texture of Atramento is never the same and that’s the whole point of this project. My aim is to give you enough ingredients for your imagination, so that between you and what you are looking at, a new story can take shape.

How to buy an artwork

Many artworks on this page are for sale. You can tap any image you like for more information and click on it for direct access to the article in our shop.

Black book

You can subscribe to my idea sketchbook via E-mail. My aim is to give you some inspiration, background and new ideas – stuff that I hope inspires you to go on and imagine and create great things for you and your people 🙂

Glimpses of Atramento across different media.

Behind the Project

Hey there, I’m Lucas Stolz, a graphic artist based in Barcelona. For ten plus years, I’ve been working on design projects where an artistic approach is needed. Through my experience with clients and constant practice, I’ve developed my personal style, heavily using expressive calligraphy and illustration. I develop independent art projects and the sum of these pieces has lead to the creation of an imaginary place that serves as a home to them: Atramento.

Sometimes, people ask where I’m “really” from and the answer is a little complicated. In many ways, I believe that where you’re currently at and what you do means more. Born and partly raised in Switzerland, I’ve also lived in the USA for three years, over a decade in Germany, with a semester in France in between, before landing in Barcelona in 2009. Living and creating in different countries with inspiring people has taught me different approaches to creativity. Like many people with multiple passports, I think my life has made me somewhat of an outsider everywhere, while at the same time giving me the gift of feeling at home in many places.

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