Painting Letters, Writing Images
There are a thousand ways to paint a word – once you begin looking at it as an image. My work is about this idea; that the shapes of letters can express more than just words. An experimental calligraphy practice with evolving tools has become my way to make sense of the world and to express emotions and ideas.

I work by building and repurposing writing tools and by fixating the fast paced choreography of calligraffiti letters in still images, I aim my brushes, garden-sprayer and rakes at the alphabet – in order to evoke the type of beautiful mistake that reflects character, emotions and conviction. 

This idea of finding character through irregularities has lead me to the concept of System Errorr – my current body of work in which I experiment with custom writing tools that produce lots of glitches, textures, and favourite accidents.


Our alphabet was designed as a system for information to be transmitted and stored. The font I’m using here is excellent for that purpose, as neutral as water, leaving little to interfere with the message of the words. 

When we paint letters by hand, however, the words are never neutral. For example, a left-handed calligrapher will emphasise certain shapes that a right-handed person would not. We see where one is pulling, while the other one is pushing, the pen. Our personality comes through in the force we put into each line and we show personal taste and fragments of our history in the way we deconstruct letters into individual strokes. 

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Work in Progress: Tools, textures and some favourite accidents…

Life & Lines

In my practice, I embrace my quirks and the path that led me here. From picking up a marker and getting into graffiti more than 20 years ago, to working 12+ years as a graphic designer and illustrator, to finding my way back towards a new approach of making large-scale calligraphy works. 

One constant throughout my journey was that I was obsessing way too often about alphabets. To this day, I often find myself sitting somewhere, lost in the process of subconsciously sketching out words in my head, my fingers combining imaginary shapes on my jeans. There is something about these symbols that keeps pulling me back in. Hopefully, I can share some of my fascination with you through my work. 

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