Painting Letters, Writing Images

Lucas Stolz (b. 1985, Basel) explores the visual representation of words and their meanings by showcasing the intricate intersection of image and calligraphy. Currently based in Barcelona, Stolz’s work navigates the complex structures that exist between words as images and images as words. His artistic practice centers around the layering of motifs, symbols, and colors, ultimately creating dynamic, multi-sensory and complex works of art. Stolz has previously shown at ARTMUC (Munich, 2024), Stroke Art Fair (Munich, 2022, 2023, 2024), 22 Gallery (Munich, 2022), Open Art Group Show (2022, Barcelona), The Other Art Fair (2021), and Media Map Group Show (2012, Madrid). He completed his undergraduate studies in Graphic Design at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd in 2009 and his Postgraduate degree in Illustration at IDEP Barcelona in 2010.

Artistic Practice
Lucas Stolz’s process remains centered around the symbolic layering of words, figures, and calligraphy texts. His expressive use of fragmented words and images allude to his artistic practice grounded in the physical layering of inks and paints with white gesso. This layering method creates a monochromatic relief with soft hues bleeding through, before color is applied to the works from the side. This process exemplifies craftful techniques centered around the creation of texture, pattern, shape, and form. Often times, complementary colors are juxtaposed against one another in order to bring out a definitive color or bold sentiment, further highlighting the way in which color theory plays an integrative role in his creations. By combining traditional calligraphy practices, ones rooted for centuries in Asian and Arabic culture, along with vibrant pops of color and texture, his works exemplifies an innovative take on a classic art form. An element core to each of Stolz’s works stems from the way in which calligraphy is deciphered. Intentionally vague, the viewer must look to create their own meaning when examining Stolz’s works thus highlight how language, or the lack of initial translation from calligraphy to words,remains central to his artistic practice. This emphasis of connecting language and art directly captures the sentiment felt of the 1960’s of the well-established Art & Language group of European artists, working to define and bring meaning to Conceptual works of art which focused on the intersection of word and image. Stolz brings a fresh, twenty-first century approach to this idea of images as words and words as images, exemplifying the way layering, calligraphy, and color come together to create cohesive, identifiable works of art.
Text by Elise Huff, Founder of Next Up Collectors
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