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We’ve just launched our new online shop. You can browse our T-shirt collections, screen prints and original artwork.

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Hey there!

Welcome to Atramento!

Atramento is a fable told through contemporary art. It exists on screens, on T-shirts, on paper and canvas. Atramento is the juxtaposition of the world of calligraffiti with anime stories. It lets you add a layer of fantasy to your reality. Atramento is a parallel universe where normal rules don’t apply. It is created by brush and ink, screen and pixels, by Lucas Stolz.

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Starting with an idea. Turning thoughts into signs. Striking a balance between clarity and expression. Improvising after careful preparation. Throwing plans away, editing and re-arranging. Going through feelings of pure inspiration, joy and despair, in order to achieve the thing that feels different. Learning to enjoy mistakes made while aiming for some perfect vision.

We love the process. That’s why we create.

Something for your walls

Printed artworks   
Limited edition screen prints, designed and produced in Barcelona.

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T-shirt collections 
Our first collection of wearable art, based on a modern interpretation of fable animals. The motto is fabulous realism, mixing expressive weirdness with detailed illustrative elements.

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Raw material

Original pieces  
Dripping paint, spontaneous strokes, rich colours and textures. The most experimental content – where improvisation takes over in search of an expression of the moment.

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