Lan UE_C

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Full Title Lan Unique Edition C
Original Artwork & Screen Print
Acrylic ink, varnish, spray paint, varnish & gold
Category Unique Art Edition
Size 35 x 50 cm | 13.8 x 19.7 inches
Paper 400g Fabriano
Author Lucas Stolz
© 2021 & 2022, Created in Barcelona

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Lan Unique Edition C – Unique Screen Print


This piece is a part of the Fables of Atramento series, a fantasy story told bit by bit through art. Lan represents the seeker, a character who is constantly searching for new, shiny visuals, trippy experiences that shape her outlook on reality… ultimately, she is looking for a reflection of herself. This artwork was made using a hybrid technique, combining analogue brushstrokes for a unique background, followed by a layer of digital painting, screen printed on top. Lastly, a layer of vibrant calligraphy-influenced strokes was laid over the whole image.

Of the resulting four pieces, each is different yet similar.

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