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Title EverEverEver
Original Artwork 
Acrylic ink, & spray paint
Category Fine Art
Size 150 x 70 cm | 59 x 27.5 inches
Tryptich on Fabriano paper
Author Lucas Stolz
© 2021, Created in Barcelona

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EverEverEver – Original Painting

This piece is a part of System Error, a series of experiments with customised writing tools and methods that come together to produce lots of glitches, interesting textures, bold colors and my stance as an artist.

As human beings we‘re great at designing systems that we think will do one thing – only to find out there are a number of unforeseen side-effects, errors and hick-ups throughout the process. When it comes to creativity, I like to think of these bugs as mutations that can lead to evolution by accidentally connecting dots…

Please send a message to info@stolz.art for inquiries.

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