Ent-täuschte Ent-E auf Sandy 1

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Title Ent-täuschte Ent-E auf Sandy 1
Original Artwork 
PU foam, gesso & acrylic spray paint & varnish on wood
Category Fine Art
Diameter 85 cm | 33.46 inches
Author Lucas Stolz
© 2023, Created in Barcelona

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Ent-täuschte Ent-E auf Sandy 1  – Original Painting & Wall Sculpture

The Swedish word for a small island is Ö — a sign that in itself looks like an abstraction of an island. Every day we are inundated with content — Lucas Stolz is fishing in this alphabet soup, looking for terms that stand out. Every day, concepts for images emerge from this kind of wordplay. Like the idea for this piece, deriving from ​​the German word “Ente”, duck, which is a term used for a fake story and “Ent-täuschung”, which literally translates to “de-deception”, but means “disappointment”. So when you are disappointed by something, you really are no longer deceived. As a metaphor for this process, the artist invokes the story of “Sandy 1” in the title of the work. Sandy 1 is a non-existent island, which was discovered and charted on maritime maps for over a century. As the story goes, what was discovered was likely a type of light lava which was floating around the ocean after an eruption. The island was then de-discovered multiple times but kept showing up on maps, proving how hard it is to get false information reigned in, once it is out there…

It is said that no one is an island, we are all connected to many others. Lucas Stolz feels the same way about words — changing between different languages ​​and stories, concepts change in meaning and in character. True to his motto, the artist paints these words; he writes pictures, in which the calligraphy is usually difficult to read — but can be felt all the more.

Note: This piece is ready to hang and is mounted with 2 cm of distance to the wall. This way, the back of the panel, which is also painted, illuminates the wall with a colourful halo.

Please send a message to info@stolz.art for inquiries.

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