Project Description

Santa Marta & Astorga

SantaMarta & Astorga isn’t your typical ad agency. They like to use illustrations for their campaigns in a bold way and let the art speak for these projects. To represent this approach and show their emphasis on creative visuals they wanted a different type of brand identity.

I designed a swans neck that hints at an S-shape. It’s an illustration with quite some detail but it actually serves as part of the corporate identity. For smaller-size applications there’s a slightly simplified version of the artwork (See further down).

Creativity is key for SantaMarta & Astorga, the team always tries to incorporate elements of art into their projects. So we were looking for a sophisticated, clear logo emblem that still felt lively and artistic. And it had to work well across different platforms. A balance between abstraction and expressive swagger had to be struck.

The illustration was executed in two versions: one more complex emblem for bigger sizes and one simplified icon designed for smaller applications.

The simplified logo icon works best for smaller sizes like the business cards (left).
For a few even smaller applications the agency uses the simple logotype (right). 


Client SantaMarta & Astorga
Creative Direction Fernando Codina
Art Direction, Illustration Lucas Stolz