Project Description

Paris Capsule Collection

Lettering artwork for fashion brand Babes & Gents. The Canadian brand offers wearable art as collectibles for a young audience. Street-art references and Hip-Hop culture are embedded in the brand’s DNA. Inspired by the song Paris of the album Watch The Throne by Kanye West and Jay Z.

The Letters bend into into a crown shape on the Rapper’s head as a reference to the concept. Kanye raps “You are now watching the throne. Don’t let me get in my zone” as a celebration of creativity and innovation. Bold and free strokes represent the energy of the lyrics within the design.

Process: During different stages of the project we tried including different patterns, custom made from B&G branding elements, chains and calligraphy. In the end we decided to tone it back to let the Paris lettering stand out. Small reflections and particles add depth to the illustration without distracting from the central element.

The artwork was applied to an entire collection, spanning from tank-tops, t-shirts and sweaters to varsity jackets and hoodies. Each item is available in black or white.

Branding elements on the garment’s tags. The logo emblem represents the brands philosophy of offering wearable art and inspiration to its clients.


Artwork Lucas Stolz
Concept Amir Zargari
Kaja Tirrul
Models Emma Jerome, Elena Clark, Nives Brkio & Kosi