Project Description


Your online personal shopper. This client had an innovative idea – they created an online platform where you can get whole outfits that are compiled for you personally by a stylist and then shipped directly to your door. The young and ambitious team needed a redesign that fitted their brand identity.

Personaling combines two worlds, there’s the fashion side, the design needs to speak elegant, feminine and light. At the same time the look should never be too classic or too shy; as a new online business the brand has to communicate in a contemporary style. We needed to find a visual language that fitted both angles.

The light and feminine logo emblem references the @ sign and hints at classic fashion publications. The logotype and icon were custom drawn and vectorised to achieve exactly the character we were looking for. The resulting unique lettering in combination with the held-back colour palette defines the basis of the brands visual language. 

Simple yet characteristic illustrations add some fashion flavour to the brand experience. The drawings explain crucial points in the process to the customers, such as typical body types or areas of use for the garments.

The logotype on clothing tags looks understated but with character (left).
The logo emblem was executed in two slightly different versions to make sure it worked perfectly in tiny sizes but didn’t look too bold when bigger (right).


Client Personaling
Creative Direction Jakob Konrad
Art Direction Lucas Stolz