Project Description

Philippe Olivier Identity

Interior design with a hands-on approach. Philippe Olivier conceptualises, designs and builds bar interiors, kitchens and custom furniture. A perfectionist who’s always looking to simplify and optimise the result in a tasteful way.

The brand reflects this attitude, we needed a stable, sturdy visual identity. It had to blend in with wood, paint, metals or stones. This meant we would have to focus on simplifying shapes as far as possible without loosing the brands’ personality.

After developing various graphic concepts we decided on a very simple visual –the olive (the name made it easy in this case). The olive as the negative space of the letter O makes a balanced and strong logo emblem.

The custom lettering is based on a hybrid of a classic Didot font and sans serif typography. It pays tribute to classical fonts but adds a fresh twist.

Due to the simple, iconic design creating stamps or embossing the logo is very easy. It can be cut out of thick materials (stone or metal even) with high precision.


Client Philippe Olivier
Creative & Art Direction Lucas Stolz