Project Description

Nevermind by Nathalie Kraemer

Talented singer-songwriter Nathalie Kraemer released her single EP Nevermind. She mentioned James Bond title tracks as a main inspiration and added that she was fascinated by the dark aesthetics of the first True Detective show. The main ideas were clear: much black ink, horns, crowns and the theme of enchanted woods.

To pay tribute to the haunted atmosphere of the sound we decided to weave the horns, the crown and the woods together and let all of it grow out of her head like a dark phantasy. The illustration was used on T-shirts as well and Nathalie even went guerrilla-marketing and plastered stickers with the artwork all over Toronto.

The final illustration on the cover of the EP. A light-grey background was added with bright-white ink splashes layered on top of the piece to make certain areas stand out.

Various details like skulls and a deer were hidden within in woods in keeping with the mystical theme.

The portrait was executed very minimalistic, using few strokes in order to point the composition to the phantasy-world in the crown.


Client Nathalie Kraemer
Creative Direcction Lucas Stolz

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