Project Description

Manymal Collective

A collective of creatives based around professionals with different areas of expertise in Munich and Barcelona. The design collective is scalable according to the project and combines a wide area of expertise. Considering the eight creative minds –each with its own set of experiences– it was  surprising how fast we were set on the general direction.

We asked a lot of the branding: We wanted to showcase creativity, a fresh, flexible approach. It had to reference the name Manymal as a concept. Max Ahammer had previously created animal avatars for each member – we needed to integrate them with the brand language. The result had to be understated enough not to interfere with each members’ individual body of work.

The branding is based around the logo emblem, a letter M made of organic shapes that hint at animal fur. There’s a clear reference to op-art throughout the graphics – various patterns further underline this. This is combined with a logotype, using customised Acumin Pro and the same typeface for texts.

Between the colours, textures, avatars and the classic logo elements we had a rich world to create from. The result is a playful brand identity, never too rigid but just understated enough. It can adapt and potentially grow with the group of creatives.

The journey from creative concept to final graphics took quite some tweaking, trying and analysing. Though the basis was organic shapes the vectors were drawn clean and simple.


Client Manymal
Creative & Art Direction Lucas Stolz
Character Design Max Ahammer