Project Description

Love Prints

Fine art screenprint of a calligram of the word Love taking the shape of a hummingbird. The piece was inspired by Gil Scott-Heron’s “I’ll take care of you”. Fragments of the song are embedded in the artwork with hand-rendered calligraphy.

Elements of calligraffiti blend in with the highly detailed vector illustration, ink splashes and fine strokes. The piece was designed and screen-printed in poster format in Barcelona on thick, textured Fedrigoni paper.

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Different stages in the process: After initial sketches a large part was done drawing vectors in Illustrator. Calligraffiti variations of the word love as well as small calligraphy of the words by Gil Scott Heron were done with ink on paper. By printing on textured paper an almost cloth-like texture was added to the artwork.

The varying sizes of the elements are composed in a way to draw the viewer in. There are hidden messages and many details to discover.

Hidden l-o-v-e icon based on broad-nib calligraphy (left).
Each print is signed, stamped and embossed by the artist (right).

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Concept & Artwork Lucas Stolz
© 2019, designed and produced in Barcelona