Project Description

Lan Reflects

Lan spends her days looking for shiny and unusual artefacts. She longs for experiences and transformations locked in these objects. Every sample feels like a key to a parallel universe. Sometimes it is the way things are mirrored on a glossy surface –how strange this reversed reality becomes through the bends, dents and cracks of the item.

Shifting and tilting her head, she stares at the twisting image from all angles, until the line between real world and reflection becomes blurred and she feels like she is this warped version of herself, looking back through the object at her surroundings. And on the other side of the artefact, everything must be just like this: tinged, contorted, chopped and stretched.

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Different complementary contrasts: Making the darker color a hue the opposite of the background tone the image becomes much more intense.

Fabulous Realism is a story told across varying media – each of these stories, characters and images are part of the overarching narrative. Though the connection between them may not be obvious, they are a part of the same universe.

In classic fables each animal represents one character trait, which then usually serves as a way of teaching a lesson to kids. In this series the moral is never as clear – and there are many different stories to be told about each archetype. All characters stand for a unique way of looking at the world.

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Concept & Artwork Lucas Stolz
© 2020, designed and produced in Barcelona