Project Description

Emorys Yard

Emory is the guardian of his yard; he collects ideas, images and melodies that he finds. Nothing escapes his eye, each artifact is layered on top of the last, creating the impression of a thick web, a membrane.

Emory has been immersed in his scrapyard of past thoughts for such a long time that bits of information have tinged his skin, melodies have become a part of his fabric – he has become the yard.

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Complementary contrasts: Making the darker color a hue the opposite of the background tone the image becomes much more intense.

Fabulous Realism is a story told across varying media – each of these stories, characters and images are part of the overarching narrative. Though the connection between them may not be obvious, they are a part of the same universe.

In classic fables each animal represents one character trait, which then usually serves as a way of teaching a lesson to kids. In this series the moral is never as clear – and there are many different stories to be told about each archetype. All characters stand for a unique way of looking at the world.

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Concept & Artwork Lucas Stolz
© 2019, designed and produced in Barcelona