Project Description

El Armadillo Online

Web & SEO specialists El Armadillo Online had a catchy name and a growing business. But they felt the brand had outgrown its visual identity. In order to keep growing, to reach larger, more industrial, clients they were looking to make their communication more universal. As part of the Armadillos’ new brand strategy a complete re-design of the logotype and emblem was needed.

Strategic design thinking revolved around three points: The catchy name felt long in some instances. A practical abbreviation was needed. This meant the design elements would need to be flexible. The emblem and logotype needed to work perfectly across all platforms. The new brand strategy needed to be clearly communicated visually in every detail.

Experience had shown the owners that while the Armadillo as a mascot idea was very effective, it needed to be re-drawn from scratch in a different angle. The shapes needed to be perfectly clear in all sizes. The Armadillo needed to become an icon. We decided on showing the animal in a 3/4 perspective to avoid it becoming too static in the process of abstraction.

The founders of the brand had originally chosen the Armadillo because of its ability to curl up in a ball and “weather any storm”. We used this narrative for the new identity. The Armadillo can reduce its logotype to initials when the  space gets crowded. The ball-shape became the basic concept for the icon.

A new colour palette was defined in order to communicate the new, matured strategy behind the brand. The pomegranate tone works as a tool to highlight elements and adds recognition value. A grey tone with a blue hue grounds this punchy tone while the generous use of white space adds analytical coolness (left).

Another premise was the use of a Google Font for easy web implementation. Our choice, Roboto, served as basis for the logotype as well. The letters were then heavily customised: Widths were assimilated, details cut off at an angle, to unify the logomark (right).


Client El Armadillo Online
Creative & Art Direction Lucas Stolz