Recently i had the opportunity to work on a new apparel design with Babes & Gents. They wanted to make a capsule collection inspired by the song "ni**as in paris" by Kanye West and Jay-Z. Founder Amir Zargari  asked me to illustrate a lettering of the word Paris including some part of the Eiffel Tower & Kanyes profile.
Concept Amir Zargari | Artwork Lucas Stolz | Photography Kaja Tirrul
Models Emma Jerome, Elena Clark, Nives Brkio & Kosi Maduka
The collection includes hoodies, sweaters, shirts and jackets. 
The initial ink sketch of the lettering which i then vectorized. 
On a little detour we tried around with patterns, chains and more calligraphic lettering. In the end we decided to tone back everything but the Paris letter design and the silhouette in order to make the whole piece stronger. 
As the graphics are printed quite big we had the chance to design in a lot of detail. 
All clothing is handcrafted in Canada with lots of love for the details. Get yours on
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